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Close portrait of a pretty, romantic and cheerful country girl with long loose hair in a s


Consultations are always recommended in order to  get the perfect hair match! They take 15- 30 minutes.  Consultations are $30. If you book an appointment and place a deposit ( Hair Order) that fee is then waived!


A Deposit is required for first time clients in order to book your install appointment and for all new hair orders. Deposit is usually the quoted cost of hair. 


Hand Tied Extensions Install

1 Row Install         $350

2 Row Install        $500

3 Row Install        $625

Move up maintenance every 6-8 weeks.  

1 Row Move Up   $135

2 Row Move Up    $225 

3 Row Move Up   $300


Invisible Hand Tied Extensions

Install / Move Up 1 Row           $175

Install / Move Up 2 Rows        $300

Install / Move Up 3 Rows        $375

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